Global Refund for F1 TV Pro subscribers

Formula 1 fans were let down by F1 TV Pro during the Canadian Grand Prix held on the 9th of June 2019. As the race was about to start, the live stream stopped working. This was met with anger by thousands of Formula 1 fans, who rely on F1 TV pro as their provider.


Technical Difficulties

In an e-mail sent to its subscribers it is explained how the technical issues could have happened. Due to a failure in the “Disaster Recovery System”, which was caused by high spike in requests, the system needed more time to recover than normally would have been the case.

The e-mail sent to F1 TV Pro subscribers. (May vary per region)



The F1 TV PRO team is now offering a refund, which serves as an apology. The exact amount of the refund varies per region. The F1 team hopes to restore customer satisfaction and promises to address any bugs in their system that may still be there.