Media banned from Media Freedom event

London – A rather interesting development in the world of media happened on the 10th of July 2019. The UK held its “media freedom” event in London. Media outlets from all over the world have flown over to London to discuss and talk about the freedom of media.

Ironically, not all media were allowed to attend the event. Russia Today, also referred to as RT, was banned from the event. RT officially applied to join the event in London. While RT was informed that there would not be sufficient room to host representatives of all media outlets, The UK’s foreign office has given a different statement to other news media.

We have not accredited RT or Sputnik because of their active role in spreading disinformation. While it is not possible to accommodate all requests for accreditation, journalists from across the world’s media are attending the conference, including from Russia. – UK Foreign Ministry

Moscow was not impressed by the ban. The Russian foreign ministry has also released a statement in which it claims that the organisers of the Media Freedom event have shown their “true intentions and attitude to media freedom by turning the event into the means of achieving opportunistic political ends”.

Maria Zahkarova, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman

The secretary of State of the UK, Jeremy Hunt, who is also running for Prime Minister in this month’s election, also weighed in on the ban.

We should not forget the international context Channels like RT, better known as Russia Today, want their viewers to believe that truth is relative and the facts will always fit the Kremlin’s official narrative. Even when that narrative keeps changing. – Jeremy Hunt