Real Heroes

An employee who is willing to sacrifice his $260,000 salary and possibly his life for us the public to know we are being manipulated. Now, one would think this is front-page news all over the newspapers. Unfortunately, it is not since many of the media have left investigative journalism a long time ago. Time has come to pay tribute to a real hero you have not heard about: Zach Vorhies.

Let us start of by introducing Project Veritas. James O’Keefe, founder of Project Veritas, is an investigative journalist looking to expose individuals’, governments’ and companies’ real intentions, rather than to repeat what they state publicly. Project Veritas obtains such information in a variety of ways, including by entering buildings being undercover, using hidden cameras and interview whistleblowers.

On June the 24th 2019, Project Veritas released a shocking video (shown at the bottom of this article) exposing Google’s political bias. Ironically, the video was deleted by YouTube, a company owned by Google. Can Google impartially decide on the faith of videos on their platform which are against their interest? Evidence shows they can not. Leaked internal documents, shown in the video that is removed, have revealed Google is, despite denying it to US Congress while under oath, pushing their agenda by manipulating search results shown to their users.  Hence, the company that is being held accountable for their behavior (one would say wrongdoings), has removed the video holding them accountable. This in turn proves once again the existing problem with big tech companies: They are news sources themselves and will remove content that is against their interest. In fact, Google likes to manipulate and dictate what kind of news is reaching you.

So where does our hero Zach come in to play? Zach has been a senior software engineer for 8 years at Google and is the (ex) anonymous whistleblower in the video released by Project Veritas on June the 24th 2019. Google, probably being more powerful than any of the intelligence services known in the world, got to him just a few days after the video had been released, demanding him to remove documents. But things changed for the worse for Zach, with him being arrested and fearing for his life.

This is where StateoftheViral is leaving you with two videos made by James O’Keefe from Project Veritas, with the first one Zach being undercover and the second one coming public. They will take some time, but are well worth the watch. Please note that StateoftheViral’s intention is only to share this crucial information and to create awareness among the public. All credits should go to James O’Keefe and the whistleblowers exposing the truth. To know more, visit , owned by the people who are doing the real work.

Takeaway message:

This article might not have increased the amount of trust you have in news sources. With a narrowing bandwidth of news that is reaching you, it is increasingly important to diversify news sources.